WOODER – это деревянные окна, которых Вы достойны!


Современному миру не хватает натуральных материалов, цветов и форм. Дерево будто создано для создания уюта  в Вашем доме. Деревянные окна создают приятную и здоровую атмосферу жизни, позволяют воплотить любые фантазии в разнообразии вариантов дизайна и цветов.

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Наша компания занимается изготовлением, проектированием и установкой деревянных окон, дерево алюминиевых окон, зимних садов и входных дверей по индивидуальному заказу. Уже более 14 лет мы помогаем людям остеклить их дома и квартиры качественными изделиями нашего производства. Мы готовы помочь с проектированием и дизайном ваших окон так чтобы они радовали Вас теплом и красотой многие годы. Вся наша продукция изготовлена из безопасных материалов – сосны, меранти, лиственницы или дуба и покрыта красителями Teknos на водной основе. Качество подтверждено международными сертификатами СЕ.

Чтобы не запутаться и выбрать подходящую именно Вам систему, посетите наш офис  по адресу Петровский пр. д 14 пом.13н где представлены все образцы нашего продукта или свяжитесь с нами по телефону (812) 658-75-35 или по почте  info@oknawooder.com 


Позвоните нам и наш представитель приедет к Вам, покажет и расскажет подробно о нашей продукции, качество которой Вас удивит.

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PCSX2 Tutorial

PCSX2 was the very first PlayStation 2 emulator. Through continuous development, it's remained the best one around! Game compatibility is large. It conveniently comes equipped with its own plug-ins, which can be customized. PCSX2 requires a quick computer so as to run well. You might have trouble with it if you're using a budget laptop or a Windows tabletcomputer. 

Together with other emulators you can get away with using your keyboard for gameplay. However, with PCSX2 it is pretty difficult, provided the PlayStation 2 controller's mini joysticks. I strongly recommend purchasing a gamepad for this emulator.

Don't download PCSX2 from their Website The download of PCSX2 in the official homepage hasn't been updated in years. Rather, you are going to find the most latest releases of this emulator from the'automated builds' page.

Intro to plug-in systemPlayStation 2 emulation revolves round the plug in system. PlayStation emulators are merely the shell of this surgery.

PCSX2 comes equipped with plug-ins, which means you don't have to worry about downloading them individually and configuring them. I want to assess the different kinds of plug-ins together with you. It's good to be informed with the way the emulator functions.
Here's the list of these:

  1. GS — the graphic plug-in. This controls the graphics and 3D rendering.
  2. PAD — the control plug-in. This controls the way you control your games; whether you use a keyboard or a gamepad.
  3. SPU2 — the sound plug in. This controls the audio and sound effects. This controls the reading of your CDs/DVDs or images.
  4. USB — the USB plug in. This controllers USB emulation.
  5. FW — the firewire plug-in.
  6. DEV9 — the hard disk & Ethernet plug-in. This controls the HDD (hard disk drive) and Ethernet emulation. 

Note that you don't possess to stick with the plug-ins which come with PCSX2. You might find better ones out there if you Google around.


The PlayStation 2 BIOS is required to be able to boot up matches. This is a separate download once you've downloaded PCSX2. Below you can download this BIOS.

  • PlayStation 2 BIOS (12.7 MB). Download by right-clicking the download link and go to Save Link As. When saving, rename the"_ip" file extension to"zip". If you do not find the file expansion, consider showing them. 

Continue reading below for what to do next after you download the BIOS.

Setup Newer variants of PCSX2 are just standalone apps in a zip file. Older versions of PCSX2 install via a wizard. I will explain both situations.

Installation is easy: just extract PCSX2 from its zip file. Here's a video tutorial showing you how: how to unzip files on Windows.

IMPORTANT! PCSX2 must be set in a common folder on your computer. I recommend Documents, Downloads, or create a folder on your desktop. If you place PCSX2 somewhere else on your primary C drive, then you could be limiting it to unsubscribe accessibility. Doing this prevents PCSX2 from storing anything.

Employing the setup wizard (older versions)

  • Double-click on the install EXE for PCSX2. It'll look something like 
  • The"Choose Components" box is going to be the very first display to pop up: Leave everything checked and click Next.
  • The setup will proceed. You'll be prompted with this particular box into Visual C++: Place a check which you read the terms  and click on Install.
  • PCSX2 is installed! But we're not done yet. Read another section on what to do if you open PCSX2 for the very first time. 

First Time Configuration + BIOS installation 

If you set up PCSX2 with an install wizard, you'd start it by going to your Start menu (your apps list) and start PCSX2 there.  PCSX2 welcomes you the First Time Configuration screen. Click Next. The following display just reviews the plug-ins that come with PCSX2. You don't have to do anything . Click Next. Next is the BIOS screen. Click Open in Explorer, as shown below:you will be prompted with a"This route doesn't exist. Create it? Click Create. Notice the route where the BIOS folder is found. Open that folder up. Download the BIOS when you have not already, unzip it, and drag its contents to your BIOS folder. It should look something similar to below: It's very important that you match the above screenshot on your end. Don't place the BIOS files in a sub folder inside the BIOS folder! Bring the"First Time Configuration" window. Click on the Refresh listing button (circled below). You should now see the Europe, Japan, and USA PS2 BIOS files look in the white box.

  1. Click on your preferred country to  choose it. Click Finish.
  2. That is it! PCSX2 is now completely  configured and installed. 

Preparing the keyboard or gamepad

Usually emulators have all the keyboard keys preconfigured, but PCSX2's keys are a clean slate the very first time you open it! You don't have any choice except to configure them. Again, I urge you to buy a gamepad because the PlayStation 2 controller has a great deal of buttons. Using just the keyboard is a frustrating experience.

PCSX2 does not require any particular directions for using a PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, or even Xbox controller. However, the first time you plug one into your computer it needs to be properly setup or requires special instruction for connecting. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing you how to do this:

  • How to setup a PlayStation 2 controller on a PC
  • How to setup a PlayStation 3 controller on a PC
  • The best way to connect an Xbox controller into a PC

Loading a True PS2 game You Have 

Loading a real PlayStation 2 game that you own is incredibly straightforward. Just pop the game in, wait for a few moments, then in PCSX2 go to System > Boot CDVD (full).

However, I do not recommend playing your matches via your DVD-ROM drive. PCSX2 is a rather demanding emulator in your CPU. Running the sport from the DVD-ROM drive will slow down it and reduce its performance. Rather, I recommend ripping your game to an ISO. I have directions for that right under.

Backing up your PS2 game to ISO

 It is a common sort of ISO format.

  1. Download & install ImgBurn (it's free). It is possible to download ImgBurn in the ImgBurn homepage.*If you have an anti-virus like AVG, it may flag ImgBurn for comprising adware. Do not panic — it doesn't include adware! This  warning is untrue. All ImgBurn does is show you advertisements throughout the install wizard (which is the reason AVG falsely  flags it). ImgBurn is 100% safe.
  2. Upon opening ImgBurn, click Create picture file from disc, as shown here.
  3. Make sure the appropriate source drive is put in"Source", then click the Read icon as shown here.
  4. That is it! Ripping your game CD will take maybe 20-30 minutes. By default, ImgBurn will toss the BIN file (the ISO) to   Records. 

Finding ISOs

Inside my links page, I have some excellent links to sites where you can download ISOs. If you want to attempt and find more sites than what's in my collection of hyperlinks, simply Google around. 

But, an even better use of Google is to seek Reddit. People today upload PlayStation 2 games to cloud programs all of the time. You'll only find these links to such valuable tools on Reddit. Try search phrases like"reddit download playstation 2".

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